The Question

Fang Fang; Mother
Thomas R Manns


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I hope it doesn’t make you nervous but I have for you a question. Now that we’re in the car on the way home from the reception. Have you seen it in my eyes just the smallest hint of tension. We’ve talked a lot today but there is one thing left to mention. Marina get ready cause I’m gonna ask a question. Remember when I saw you in the paring lot at Bridge? Remember when we hung out and then through around the friz? Remember when we went and rode our bikes at valley green? You picked up wild berries through them at me cause you’re mean. Remember when I helped you paint the backdrop for the play and then went to your parents to eat dinner and get Jay? Remember when we ate pizza with Courtney Jack and Steve and all the times I hung out and then didn’t want to leave? Remember when I kissed you cause you hugged me for so long? Remember when I wrote it down and put it in a song. Remember when I said I wish I’d known you as a kid? Remember all the time we spent and all the things we did. Well during all that time something’s been happening to me. It started really small but now it’s grown into a tree. It’s all the things you say and do and all the things you are. The way you snuck into my life and stole away my heart. And now that we’re sitting here together in the car I have something to ask you and I’m just about to start.