The Philosophy of Time Travel

Thomas R Manns


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I walk the walk of the fortune teller. I dodge the blow of the plane propeller. Sleepwalk the walk of the super hero and now the times counting down to zero.
Everybody dies alone, I'm a true believer. Write down the number stick it to the mirror. Put down the phone, pick up the receiver. And now the end draws a little nearer.
I hear the call of Grandma Death,and in the buildings there is no one left so...I bring the water and fire to it. The living and dead they made me do it.
Hey, Cherita, do you want a cigarette, and have things gotten better for you yet? It's not much further to the new birth but how much further, Papa Smurf? 
I believe the time has come for you to cross the ocean. Alice, chase the rabbit through the portal, drink the potion. I'm beginning to doubt you commitment to sparkle motion but commercial aeronautics has the power of propulsion. Though, gravity and time are the trusted form of travel.
I can die cause I became a man today, but, Frank, please take Samantha and let Gretchen stay. Time is running out, the sky is turning grey. Grab Hoagan and the Viking and we're on our way.
Misfits, drop the bikes head through the cellar door. Precipitation's coming, when it rains it pours. Sending down the engine to the second floor. Send me back to bed and let the engine roar.
Go home and tell your parents everything's ok.