Fang Fang


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The servant comes the servant goes. Where are the candlesticks? The servant knows.

The servant directs and cleans the house. He serves the master, he puts them out.

He sweeps the crumbs off for the dogs. He wipes the hearth and lays the logs.

The servant clears and pulls the mop. Removes the slop from the chamber pot.

He gets the door, he greets the guests. He gives the weary a place to rest.

The servant orders and minds the store. He takes the extra and feeds the poor.

The servant’s downstairs and then he’s up. He lights the lanterns and fills the cups.

Prepares the table, washes the feet. The place settings he’s measuring.

He comes. He goes.

The servant is his masters’ arm. He pulls the weeds from off the lawn.

The servant comes the servant goes. Where are the loppers the servant knows.

All accomplished silently. No cobwebs found on the tapestry.

The princes look for spot or stain. No fault is found in the servants frame.

The servants judgment’s politic. He wisely leads and heals the sick.

The servant sets the captives free. And polishes the cutlery.

He turns the dials on the clocks. His lordship knows when time is up.

Now some are leaving and some will stay. The servant locks up and ends the day.