Proscenium Arch

Fang Fang
Fang Fang


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Proscenium Arch

Somebody’s gotta play the villain somebody be the star                                                        

Somebody’s gotta pull the curtain everybody on your mark

Somebody’s gotta sing the parados bring down the house an we can start

Somebody give the motivation everybody play a part

Somebody’s gotta poison Romeo somebodies playing dead                                  

Somebody’s gotta stab Mercutio everybody break a leg

Somebody wrote the dialogue everybody imitates

Somebody feels like the original but everybody makes mistakes

Clear all the aisles let the story begin open the doors let the patrons roll in

Stand in the spotlight and bare us your heart but keep inside of the Proscenium Arch

(Keep on singing till your voice falls apart feel the freedom while you stomp out your march)

Somebody’s gotta work behind the scenes somebody raise the lift

Somebody’s gotta cue the thespians your persona is a gift

Somebody wants to take it on the road everybody wants to roam

Nobody’s got anywhere to go everybody feel at home

Everybody wants a pivotal role everybody wants to pass through the veil

But no one’s going anywhere till we’re done memorize your bits we’re under the gun

Stay in character and finish the run keep on flapping till the swan song is sung