Haunted House

Fang Fang; Mother
Thomas R Manns


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Well me Melissa and Papa we were walking home from Wawa. I had on a pair of long-johns, the snow was up to our knees. Past this dilapidated structure. This house was different from the others. Broken windows and the shutters blowin’ around in the breeze. So we snuck up the back steps, past the spiders and cob webs. Snuck in the back door almost wet my pants cause it slammed shut suddenly. And though the lights were a flicker I saw a shadowy figure. Yeah my lip started to quiver cause he was staring at me. And then what made it worse I heard a scary disembodied voice. He said I made the right choice, I found it hard to believe. Then I remembered that Papa said this house is haunted They say the man who bought it promised that he’d never leave. Yeah he’s pushin’ up the flowers with his supernatural powers. He makes the demons cower every time he speaks. So I was hopin’ and ah prayin’ that I wouldn’t end up dead, when I felt an icky sticky icy hand up on my head. Took a sec to contemplate the difference between fight and flight. Then I took off down the hall I made two lefts and then a right. I was screamin’ imagining all the mud and blood and gore. Thought I seen witch in the kitchen and a corpse behind the door. Took a tumble when I tried to run a little more. Because of termites age and dry-rot well I fell right through the floor.