Dreamy Cowboy

Fang Fang
Fang Fang


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I dreamt I was a cowboy in the desert west Marina was a cowgirl in a pink hoop dress

We had an argument while at the corner bar you with me so far (yeah we’re right behind ya)

I could tell she didn’t love me anymore I must have dropped my sarsaparilla on the floor

The owner of the bar was tall and dressed in white and I can see him and his buddies wanna fight

Now I don’t know why everybody’s mad at me but there’s a man with no name and a Jeremy

And both of them bruisers are on my team now everybody scream (yeah we’re right behind ya)


Running outside Rick Winter’s building steps which I ask if he needed any help to fix

He yelled I don’t know what you are talking about now take you and your cronies and ah head on out

Further down the road I found an old TV that I can use, the future and the past, to see

Marina’s back in love with me

But Rick has wiped away all of my memories cause I destroyed the steps that he was building

He didn’t wanna hurt my feelings

Now Marina’s riding horses with her mom on TV got to find a way to show her that her future is with me

Get the posse back together count em’ one two three and I’m heading back to find her (ah)

Yeah we’re right behind ya.


At the start in the bar Jeremy tapped on the wall looking for a weak spot that’s gonna make the thing fall

He knew at the end we’re gonna get into a brawl and he’s gonna smash through it and surprise them all

I burst in through the doors and shouted let her go but Jeremy and No Name, man they didn’t show

So I grabbed her by the hand Baby let’s hit the road Do you think they’re gonna find us

Yeah they’re right behind us

Runnin’ runnin’ run back to the old TV you’re gonna love me again you just wait and see

But that dang old remote it just won’t work for me Marina’s loosin’ interest I wanna’ wake up from this..