Fang Fang - Bio Bio

Fang Fang is an American rock/punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. . Fang Fang is currently comprised of Tom Manns (guitar and vocals), Chris Lyons (bass), Marina Manns (drums) Sara Klein (vocals and percussion) and Kenny Klein (guitar). They have released three albums: “Fang Fang” (2008), “Mother” (2011), and “For Fans of Fang Fang” (2015).

 Fang Fang was started in 2004 by Tom Manns after ten years of playing and touring with Philadelphia punk quartet, One-21. In 2005, ex-band mate, Jon Weldon, joined Tom, bringing with him drummer Greg Lytle. Toward the end of 2005 the band found a bass player in Fred Sheaffer, a local philadelphia musician and performer. Fred Sheaffer remained with the band for only one year. He was succeeded by bass player, Chris Lyons in 2006. Guitarist, Jon Weldon, and drummer, Greg Lytle, eventually left the band to pursue firefighting and animation, respectively. Fang Fang added Joey Ryan to fill the drummer position in 2010, and brought on, ex One-21 singer, Kenny Klein to play percussion and rhythm guitar. In 2012 Joey Ryan left Fang Fang which prompted the addition of Sara Klein and Marina Manns, the wives of Kenny Klein and Tom Manns, to the roster in 2013-14. Marina Manns took the role of drummer with Sara Klein managing percussion and backing vocals.

For approximately ten years, since 2008, Fang Fang has performed regularly in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, continued to write and record new music and produce music videos.